Hello! I'm a web developer (in training) and currently in search of a new position to use my skills.

These skills are: HTML/CSS (of course), JavaScript, jQuery and some Python.

Aside from coding I have experience in teaching, especially technical topics to non-technical people and in e-learning.


This will be a collection of works. (Now there are only examples.)

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is a variation on the game Rock Paper Scissors, that got popularized by the TV Show "The Big Bang Theory". As I was beginning to learn JavaScript, I ported this game from a simple Python version into this also simple online game.

Quotes from Epictetus is a random quote machine, that produces, as the name says, random quotes from the stoic philosopher Epictetus.

It is one of the first assignments on Free Code Camp.

I also started a blog on github, first to test Octopress and wrote only a few posts over a long period, but I consider to bring it to life with blogging about the experiences with FreeCodeCamp and the more "cody" aspects of learning how to be a programmer, that would not fit into the more textual Wordpress blog.