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This is where I write about learning to code

Learning Python: Free Resources

This is a list of free online books and other resources for anybody interested in learning the Python programming language. There are other lists out there, this one contains only items, that I have personally tried and found useful.

Have fun!

Setting Up the Tools for CS 50

So CS 50 has officially begun. Time to get my computer ready for the work.

The installation and use of the appliance is covered in great detail on the coursepages, so there is no need to describe it here. What I do different is that I plan to work mostly outside of the appliance, because my computer is barely able to run it and it is a pain in the backside to use it for longer periods (It’s an old laptop, that wasn’t powerful even when it was new.).

SICP in Emacs: Reading in the info-Buffer

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, short SICP is a great book and Emacs is a great tool for all things about text. So it is only natural to use one with the other and yesterday I stumbled upon this blogpost: SICP in Emacs. Sadly I had no idea about how to use or install a book in the info-system. That had to change a bit and the following will be instruction for me in the future, should I forget how to bring the greatest CS-book of the 80ies into one of the greatest programs from the 80ies.

Blogging About Processing

UPDATE: I removed the processing.js from the head, because it meant unneccessary page load on the blog and because P5.js. It also works, if you put it in the article, like I did here, after the “more”-break, so that it only loads when someone is actually viewing the post that contains the Processing example.

Some notes about Processing

Hallo Welt

Einfach mal: “Hallo!”

Nachdem ich dieses Blog nun eingerichtet habe, k├Ânnte es sein, dass ich hier auch mal was schreibe.