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This is where I write about learning to code


Some useful links grouped by topic (I guess)

This is intended to be a useful list for people who are interested in learning programming with free resources. It is expanding with time.

Free Online Full Stack Web Dev Courses

Full stack web dev is fairly big topic, commonly tought not in one course, but in many. At the moment, I know only two sites that provide a full curriculum from beginner to employable:

There are also some programmes from MOOC providers that claim to cover the whole spektrum of full stack web development. They are usually composed out of some smaller courses. I do not know them very well and provide only a list of those that I find. If I know more about one of them, I will probably write something about it.

All of these are “Specializations”(Coursera) or “Nanodegrees”(Udacity), which require some payment, but the courses that are part of them are mostly also available in a free version.



Creative Coding

CS 50 (x)

The C-Programming Language